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September newsletter - this one is for the kids!

Date: 10-Sep-2015 Newsletters

Fun Fit Kidz is Sydney's first fitness facility for kids - featuring a selection of our most innovative and interactive fitness products to get kids moving to make a generation change for the better.

Featuring EYE Fitness products such as the engaging and fun Traverse Wall and four pieces of Prime pin-loaded machines designed specifically for kids, Fun Fit Kidz really is a gym with a difference and we’re delighted to be a part of it.

Getting kids up and active in a place designed solely for them and fitness is the brainchild of Rowah Mawass, who has a goal not only to get our children active, fit and healthy, but to hopefully make a generational change in the same direction for years to come.

Rowah Mawass from Fun Fit Kidz said: “Obesity rates in Australia are climbing faster than anywhere else in the world which is a scary thought. With obesity comes a long list of health concerns and the implications of which on our future generations has the potential to be pretty serious. I really wanted to create a space where kids can get fit, have fun and learn that living a health lifestyle from an early age is possible.

“We feel we’ve selected a great bunch of products from EYE Fitness, that will appeal to our target market because they are interactive, fun and engaging.”

EYE Fitness’s Nick Aspinall said: “Fun Fit Kidz is a great space and an even greater concept. To be part of a journey that can only improve the quality of life through fitness, education and fun for our kids and generations to come is something we’re very proud to be part of.”