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Stroops is an amazing story in itself. Stroops being the brainchild of Shon Harker and the combination of a Strap and Loop 'Stroop' System that allows many applications in Strength and conditioning. Add to that the formation of an elastic band with a covered sleeve gives you 'Slastix' the safest yet most effective resistance band variety on the market today.

With over 20years manufacturing experience and history of working with high performance and conditioning althletes and teams EYE fitness is very exciting to launch an extensive range of Stroops to Australian and NZ markets.

Stroops products delivers a diverse range of conditioning tools for fitness and sports

Slastix Stroops vary in function, application, length, strength and size and for full catalogue and further information please email sales@eyefitness.com.au or call 1800 771 079.

Stroops education provides the backbone education for any user looking to maximise the use of the various stroops slastix products from 1on1, rehab through to large group team training, sports teams and small group PT.

Further to the exciting product range is the SFP course education. Bridging the gap between on field conditioning and the gym. Stroops performance is a cutting edge set of training tools for fitness, Sport and MMA. The extensive SFP education course helps trainers uncover their clients 'tells' (or weakness) and provides solutions both with traditional and stroops equipment to maximise results.

For more information on education and Stroopcamp and stroopfighter programs please contact Melissa training@eyefitness.com.au

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