EYE Fitness and Synergy Fitness are proud to announce
the merge of their innovative companies - click here to read all about it



EYE Fitness is proud supplier of education course and license models to the fitness industry. Education is vital in maximising any products potential and its return on investment.

EYE fitness provides an extensive range of education courses and in-house workshops and product knowledge training. Most products will come with support materials both online and in manual form as well as on site support and will be inclusive in the purchase price such as;

  • SMARTfit products
  • Traverse walls
  • Prime
  • Fit Interactive
  • Trixter
  • nexersys and
  • Pulse
  • Throwdown

EYE fitness then has a range of CEC approved content that provides both value for trainers and facilities in the upskilling of staff. These programs are currently approved:

  • Stroops
  • ZUU
  • Ankorr
  • FreeFORM
  • reACT

Whilst these programs are in submission stage currently:

  • Stages cycling
  • Throwdown XFit training
  • Additional stroops and FreeFORM
  • Sproing 'Love to run'