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  1. HOPSports Training System

    HOPSports Fitness Training Systems for kid's fitness has quickly become recognized as the "Future for physical activity" for the world's youth.

    - Using 21st century technology HOPSports educates, trains and entertains youth/kids of all ages while promoting nutrition and social messaging in a multi-screen, dynamic format.

    - Content includes: Sport Specific Skills (Basketball, Soccer, etc.), Dance (Hip-hop, Jazz, etc.), Martial Fusion, Cardio-kickboxing, Circuit Training, Pilates, Yoga and much more. Youth/kids are exposed to new and exciting ways to stay fit for a lifetime!

    - HOPSports is located in 47 states and six countries with over 900 sites (schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA's etc) servicing more than 3,500,000 youth impressions each week.

    - One of the HOPSports kid's fitness biggest initiatives was in North Carolina (USA) in partnership with the award winning not-for- profit, Be Active North Carolina.

    - Be Active NC piloted their own independent research study on HOPSports with 3 NC Universities and found it really works in getting kids active and improving kids fitness. More study details can be requested and a few highlights include: -
    - Youth/kids fitness were 55% more active during HOPSports classes verses traditional physical education classes.
    - Girls increased their levels of activity and intensity with HOPSports kids fitness by 68% over traditional physical education.
    - Generally, overweight and obese students are the least active during traditional physical education.
    Though this trend continued, overweight and obese students were 23% more active during classes with HOPSports than healthy-weight students were during traditional physical education.
    - All HOPSports lessons exceeded the US gold standard for moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) by up to 29% - in some cases nearly doubling minimum standards for kids fitness levels
    - Survey results reveal that an average school could expect to see a return on investment of 38%. That is, for every dollar spent on HOPSports, we can expect at least a $1.38 saving in health care costs related to obesity, inactivity and type 2 Diabetes. HOPSports allows teachers and instructors to facilitate learning (not instructing) and has users better engage to a wider variety of training and interact with the kids.
    - HOPSports is an interactive fitness platform. Ideal for kids and adults and large group training. Perfect for community centers, group fitness studios and school gymnasiums to maximise their facility usage whilst not affecting the common space for other traditional activities and sports. Talk with one of our Consultants today about incorporating HOPSports into your facility.

    The HOPSports Training system contains lessons, media center, sound system and projector also come with:

    - Custom Mat: Consists of nine (9) 2' x 2' interlocking high-density foam tiles, creating a 6' x 6' individual mat when assembled.
    - Provides a low-impact surface that protects participants' joints and defines an individual workout space for easier classroom management.
    - The mat has a printed pattern providing targets for ease in teaching.
    - The center sections of each tile can be removed to form hurdles or combined to form a training ladder for effective circuit training lessons.
    - Physio-Ball: Inflates to a diameter of 55 cm and is made of latex-free vinyl. The burst-resistant ball is used as a training tool allowing students to work on balance and core strength.
    HOPSports Projector, A/V Storage cart, speakers, keyboard and CPU not included.

    - HOPStick: An 18" foam rubber stick used for teaching sports such as golf, baseball, tennis, fencing, hockey and more.
    - Jump Rope: The Hyperformance Magic Speed jump rope is the official rope of the U.S. Olympic teams, featuring the Olympic logo. The 8" handles fit all hand sizes.
    - Stretch Bands: Made of latex-free synthetic elastomer and used in fitness circuits to develop muscle strength

  2. HOPSports Training System
    HOPSports Training System
    HOPSports Training System
    HOPSports Training System
    HOPSports Training System
    HOPSports Training System
    HOPSports Training System
    HOPSports Training System