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  1. Jacobs Ladder

    • Jacobs Ladder is a patented commercial cardio machine specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professionals. Its unique design places the user at a 40° angle in order to take stress off of the lower back.
    • Because Jacobs Ladder is self-paced, the faster you go, the faster it goes, in order to stop, just slow down. Jacobs Ladder is also self-powered, so without the need for an electrical outlet, you can place it anywhere in your facility
    • Jacobs Ladder has been improving the physical performance and endurance of people of all ages and fitness levels - from Navy SEALS to professional athletes, to patients in rehab.
    • “This is a phenomenal training tool for anybody!” - Joe Juraszek, Strength &Conditioning Coach, Dallas Cowboys
  2. Jacobs Ladder