Education and Courses 

EYE Fitness prides itself on delivering a range of approved CEC Education courses and product training workshops for a number of our great innovative products. Our goal is to ensure products are used and maxmised for ROI and member results. Click below to find out how to learn from the best trainers in the business!

EYE fitness also offer many annual license models to provide ongoing service and support to rollout out programming on many of great products.

Stroops SFP Course

Aimed at PT's, group and team trainers (indoor and outdoor), bootcamp operators and sport conditioners as well as rehab specialists. Training workshop integrates the use of stroops slastix to enhance conditioning and exercise movements not normally able to be performed under load. Ideal for training clients weaknesses, adding additional training loads and variation and concludes with group and team training class structures.

Each participant receives Stroops SFP kit (valued at AU$200) which is a starter pack for utilising Stroops in any format. 8 CEC (Fitness Australia) points, 2PDP Points with Physical Activity Australia, and 10 CPD (REPS NZ) approved. Be one of the first to integrate the world acclaimed functional movement assessment process to benefit their clients, training and business. 

freeFORM Courses

We have an approved fundamentals freeFORM course for 11 CECs and 2 others awaiting approval in HIIT and pilates formats. This foundation course covers all basic movements, progressions and regressions for PT, rehab, sports conditioners, group fitness, yoga and pilates instructors.

Ankorr Course

CEC pending ½ day course takes you through all the key drills used in the Ankorr. Whislt not a necessity the Zuu and Stroops SFP course will provide a brilliant foundation for maximising the potential of the Ankorr.

Zuu Course

10CEC course and an extensive full day course that will take you beyond where you thought possible with training.

reACT Course

Approved for 7CEC’s this is a course delivered upon installation of a facilities reACT trainer. The course covers history and fundamentals of eccentric load training as well as all the basic movements as well as program design. The course ensures your trainers are primed to maximise the reACT trainer and you get ROI with membership satisfaction and results.

For information on any of our course or license models or to book online click here