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Education and Courses 

EYE Fitness prides itself on delivering a range of approved CEC Education courses and product training workshops for a number of our great innovative products. Our goal is to ensure products are used and maxmised for ROI and member results. Click below to find out how to learn from the best trainers in the business!

EYE fitness also offer many annual license models to provide ongoing service and support to rollout out programming on many of great products.


         EYE Fitness Course Calendar 2016







Velocity Indoor Cycle


13th May


Surge Fitness Wanaroo







Bulgarian Bag -Level 1




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Freeform Board

11 CEC








Course Information


AUS - 7 CEC Points

This course will aid trainers in setting up, delivering, marketing and getting results in a variety of movement based circuits using a range of different modalities and how to adapt them to the individual clients in the group, though progressions/regressions, intervals and play.  Marketing of SGT, how to create programs, what energy systems are being used and show to use social media to promote your sessions.



AUS - 6 CEC points, NZ - 13.75 CPD Points

The Velocity Ride program is an exciting new indoor cycling instructor program that aims to bring a realistic cycling knowledge to indoor studio cycling classes.

The aim of Velocity is to set you the Indoor Cycle instructor with all the tools to enable you to start leading successful classes in a short period of time on completion of this course.

The course involves a one day instruction course followed by a theory exam and a practical assessment. Prior knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology is essential, whilst also understanding exercise intensity is also important.


AUS - 6 CEC Points

Aimed at PT's, group and team trainers (indoor and outdoor), bootcamp operators and sport conditioners as well as rehab specialists. Training workshop integrates the use of stroops slastix to enhance conditioning and exercise movements not normally able to be performed under load. Ideal for training clients weaknesses, adding additional training loads and variation and concludes with group and team training class structures.


AUS - 7 CEC Points

Stroops ViTL course introduces trainers to an innovative and systematic training program that uses a unique portfolio of Stroops exercise products.

The Stroops VITL training philosophy is built upon the principle that each and every one of us face daily challenges in life, sport or occupation, whether it be in ability to move

  •   Efficiently (movement)
  •   Utilize our energy pathways effectively (metabolism);
  •   Or to generate and control varying levels of muscular force (neuromuscular function).

This course will help professionals develop a cohesive union of movement, metabolism and muscle conditioning regardless of goal (health-related, recreational-fitness, occupational, wellness or specific performance).

AUS - 11 CEC, NZ - 10 CPD

To assist trainers and coaches in getting the most out of their freeform (FF) boards the Foundation Course will educate participantson the fundamentalsofhowtouse thefreeform, safety, benefits and effects, and how toincorporate it into theirtraining and group sessions.

During the day course participants will learn -

  •   FF movements for rehab, HIIT, Pilates and SGT.
  •   Progressions and regressions. 
  •   How to teach the exercises and variations
  •   Exercise selection for specific clients and programming


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