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Swamp Box

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Created by Nathan Helberg, one of the world's leading fitness consultants best known for The ZUU training methodology used around the globe. Nathan also designs products, such as the world's leading resistance harness , Ankorr used by elite sports and armed forces and now commercially around the world.

His latest innovation, Swamp Box is a very unique mix of foams designed to mimic soft sand training where eccentric loading, stabilisation into an ever changing surface forces your body to adapt & improve.

Swamp Box is the world's first sinking plyo box that has an original size of 800 x 800 x 500mm high. Its design removes the huge amount of injuries caused from people "shinning" themselves on the corners of traditional plyo boxes by jumping too fast or simply being fatigued. This means peace of mind for gym owners and users. Its low impact design lessens injury risk to joints.

ALL of Nathan Helbergs products are backed by his World Class programming. There are many companies that simply copy other pioneers innovations BUT they fail to realise a product is only as good as its training arm. You will get an endless supply of programming from us for your trainers to use with the Swamp Box as Nathan is employed by the Elite for his programming. Swamp Box was developed in Australia by Nathan for the rugged conditions & has the following features:

  • Made in Australia from high grade quality products
  • Multi density absorbtion
  • Low impact
  • No injuries from "shinning" as in traditional plyo's
  • Eccentric loading like no other plyo box in the world
  • Creates sports specific stabilising for athletes
  • Light & durable
  • Every Swamp Box comes with exclusive programming unlike any other plyo on the market.
  • Huge point of difference to a traditional plyo box